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Research in Climate Change and Agriculture Seminar Series

This seminar series started in the spring of 2014 as an experimental form of scientific outreach: video a short presentation, the audience watches the video on their own time, we all join in discussion online. The seminar series featured some of REACCH's outstanding young scientists from all three universities and led to invigorating project integration and interdisciplinary research discussion.

The Seminar Series focuses on cropping systems throughout the region, including novel harvesting techniques and alternative crops in rotation. We have policy discussions from the NSPIRE program and the latest developments on pest management, ecological interactions, socioeconomic studies and data management. Watch the seminar on REACCH's YouTube channel or this page.

REACCH Seminars

Lauren Port, Masters of Crop Science Student, Washington State University
"Growing tall cereal crops and harvesting them with a stripper header to alter the microclimate at the soil surface and conserve soil water"

Tai McClellan Maaz, Post-doctoral researcher, Washington State University
"Rotational nitrogen-use efficiency evaluations"

Nate Foote, Masters of Plant, Soils and Entomological Sciences, University of Idaho
"Interspecific interactions between the aphids Metopolophium festucae cerealium and Rhopalosiphum padi as influenced by water limitation of the host plant"

Rajan Ghimire, Post-doctoral researcher at the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center, Oregon State University
"Labile soil organic carbon in Pendleton, Oregon Tillage-Fertility long-term experiment"

Isaac Madsen, PhD Student, Washington State University
"Topic Modeling and Research gap Analysis in the Context of Environmental Policy"
"Roots, Root hairs, and Fertilizer Placement"

Nevin Lawrence, PhD student, Washington State University
“Downy Brome Phenology & Climate change”

Ed Flathers, PhD Student, Washington State University
"The Big Data Lifecycle in Ecoinformatics"

Hongliang Zhang, PhD Student, Oregon State University
"Assessing the impact of Climate Change on Winter Wheat Systems"

Troy Magney, PhD Student, University of Idaho
"Estimating Nitrogen Uptake from Space"

Chelsea Walsh, PhD Student, University of Idaho
"The Where and When of Earthworms in Wheat"

Hilary Davis, Masters Student, University of Idaho
"A Longitudinal Survey of Wheat Growers Across the Inland Pacific Northwest"
"Longitudinal Survey: Growers Responses to Questions from REACCH Scientists”

Phil Mote and Christian McGillen, Climate Scientists, Oregon State University
"New Views of Regional Climate Change: The Advantages of a Superensemble"

Jason Morrow, Masters Student, Washington State University
"Tillage, Cropping Intensity, and climate Effects on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen: a Soil Health Perspective"

Ryan Boylan, Masters Student, University of Idaho
“Sediment and organic carbon transport from the dryland annual cropping region of the Pacific Northwest”

Leigh Bernacchi, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Idaho
"Pioneering Public Perception of Climate Change and Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest"

Sarah Waldo, PhD Student, Washington State University
"Monitoring N2O Emissions from Agriculture Using Micrometeorological Methods Paired with Chambers"

Ebrahim Sadeghi, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Idaho
"Interactions between Metopolophium festucae cerealium and Barley yellow dwarf virus"

J.D. Wulfhorst, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Idaho
“An Educational moment on trying to map social survey responses of producers’ perceptions of climate change risk”