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REACCH provides interdisciplinary, hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and K-12 teachers and students. The goal of REACCH Education is to prepare citizens and professionals to address challenges posed to agriculture and ecosystems by climate change.

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Since 2012, REACCH has trained 75 undergraduate student interns from institutions across the United States in transdisciplinary research and outreach. Internships will be offered through the summer of 2018.

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REACCH graduate students work in multiple fields and perform transdisciplinary research as part of their REACCH experience. Engagement includes workshops, short-courses, outreach projects and a flipped-classroom seminar series. Also visit the graduate student profiles.

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K-12 Teachers and Students
REACCH has developed curricula to help K-12 teachers and students explore climate and agriculture relationships. REACCH also hosts training workshops for PNW teachers each year and participates in several middle and high-school summer camps focused on STEM.

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