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Nitrogen Management Webinar Series

Nitrogen is an essential plant nutrient necessary for healthy crop growth and high yields. Unfortunately, improper management can lead to environmental losses of nitrogen that can pollute ground and surface water or emit nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. This three-part webinar series will help farmers and land managers better understand nitrogen dynamics as they learn about:

Additional webinars featuring other aspects of climate change and agriculture can be found through the Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources webinar series, Pacific Northwest Agriculture and Climate Change Webinar Series, including the following topics:

It is becoming increasingly important for agricultural land managers to understand the risks associated with climate change and be better prepared to adjust their on-farm management strategies accordingly. This webinar series helps to identify and explain important issues of concern using up-to-date, research-based information, relevant to the diverse agricultural systems of the Pacific Northwest. The webinars are intended for anyone interested in learning more about how a changing climate might impact agriculture.