Week 2: Wheat Farming in the Inland Northwest (INW) and the Impacts of Climate Change

Day 1: Wheat Agriculture from Past to Present

Explore the history of agriculture, highlighting major events and innovations that have shaped wheat farming in the Inland Northwest.

Day 2: The Ins and Outs of a Wheat Farm

Teach students about the basic inputs and outputs of a wheat farm in the Inland Northwest.

Day 3: Global Climate Change

Explore global climate by analyzing data from NASA and NOAA and related activities. Introduce students to the complexities of wheat farming in the context of global climate change.

Day 4: Climate Change in the Inland Northwest

Apply previous knowledge of global climate change in a regional context. Students will gain understanding of climate change impacts in the Inland Northwest and how they will influence wheat farming.

Day 5: System Model of a Wheat Farm in the Inland Northwest

Students will craft a high-quality system model of a wheat farm in the Inland Northwest, including the major inputs and outputs and the influences of climate change. The lesson provides an opportunity for students to synthesize their own thinking and knowledge from previous lessons.