Unit 10: Careers in Agriculture & Natural Resources


Unit 10 guides students in exploring career options related to STEM and agriculture or natural resources in their community. Awareness of career options in the STEM fields is one of the main focuses of the instructional materials. Students will write goals and interview a member of the community about STEM careers in their region.

Unit Placement in the Course: 

This unit can be placed anywhere in the curriculum.

Required Supplies: 

  • Computers (for typing up interview responses and information sheets) 
  • Recording device (Most student phones will record audio.)

Materials Provided: 

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Teacher notes on most slides to help guide class discussion
  • Classroom activitiy
  • Readings

Estimated Teaching Time: 

  • Minimun of five 50-minute class periods
  • May change with the amount of in-class time devoted to the interview process, which will vary by student grade and required level of detail