Unit 8: Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture setup in a Pacific Northwest field


Unit 8 covers the basics of GPS and GIS, the foundational technology used by modern precision agriculture to improve efficiency and reduce input costs. These technologies also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unit Placement in the Course: 

This unit can be utilized at any time and does not depend upon knowledge from other units. It serves well as a precursor to the crop pest unit (Unit 9), as students can use the knowledge gained in this unit to map and locate real or simulated agricultural pests in the crop pest unit.

Required Supplies: 

  • Computers with internet access and Google Earth
  • Cameras with GPS tagging abilities with enhance the activities (Most smartphones have this ability.)
  • GPS units may also be used with standard digital cameras

Materials Provided: 

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Teacher notes on most slides to help guide class discussion
  • Readings

Estimated Teaching Time: 

  • Minimum of five 50-minute class periods